Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
Goals, Objectives and Strategies for 2012
March 2012

*NOTE: It was noted that the 2011 plan divided up all goals and objectives by committee. There is strong interest in creating a unified set of organizational goals and objectives for 2012.

2012 Program Goal and Objectives

Program Goal
SBBC will run innovative, effective, and fun programs that meet the needs of bicyclists and increase the use and visibility of bicycling in Santa Barbara.

Program Objectives:
  1. Increase the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition’s influence on public policy at all levels of government so that the Coalition can create three active, winnable campaigns and have the capacity to execute them

-   Strengthen the Advocacy Committee with the addition of strong committee members who can lead campaigns

-  Add to the Board an advisor with advocacy skills and political insight

  1. Expand access to youth education (like “Pedal Power”) and implement it in all  7th grade classes


              -  Recruit, Train & retain new educators for program
              -  Use data to track steady growth in Pedal Power related offerings.

2012 Organization & Systems Goal and Objectives

Organization & Systems Goal
Clarify and effectively communicate the goals of SBBIKE & Bici Centro to the entire Santa Barbara community (developing a strong brand) in a way that will support the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition claim to be “all things bike” and be seen as “the voice of the bicycling community”

Organization & Systems Objectives:
  1. Ensure that all events, publications, website and programs clearly communicate that the Coalition is “all things bike.”

  1. Increase and broaden the membership base of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.


-  Revisit the current membership model

-  Determine the best strategy for achieving a 50% increase in base support

  1. Clearly define the relationship, roles and expectations between the Board of Directors and the Executive Director


-  Develop measurable objectives and evaluations for the Executive Director, staff and Board officers

-  Perform 2 6mo. reviews of executive director  

-  Perform an annual review of executive officers.

  1. Create and manage effectively a large group of volunteers “trained and ingrained” with the mission of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition


-  Designate a staff ‘volunteer coordinator’

-  Implement the volunteer training program

  1. Build a well-organized, accountable and effective internal communications system


-  Publicize (internally) committee minutes and updates in a uniform and monthly           manner  

-  Orchestrate a committee chair training & communications guide

-  Encourage internal communications between committees to improve coordination and best use of resources and skills

  1. Locate, lease and renovate (as required) a headquarters for the SBBC (including Bici Centro) that is strategically located, high-functioning, safe and inclusive


-  Work with a real estate broker to identify available spaces within the target geography (Central SB???) that meet SBBC/Bici Centro requirements

-   Develop a timeline and budget for the move

-  Identify funding sources for renovations/facility improvements (if required)

  1. Use data to develop, support and evaluate programs and objectives
  -  Use data to track steady growth in all education related offerings.

2012 Financial Goal and Objectives

Financial Goal
Develop diverse, strong, and consistent fundraising streams to support the programs of SBBC now and into the future.

Financial Objectives:
  1. Consider creating an “Honorary Board” to champion individual giving and major fundraising
  2. Orchestrate 3 board member ‘chaparoned’ grant opportunities
  3. Increase Board member solicited individual donations by 50%
  4. Host increased fundraiser events

What we do in a nutshell: refurbish bicycles, Teach Bike repair to the community at large, teach street skills to youth and adults, promote bicycling thru events, and advocate for public policy/infrastructure gains for cyclists.

Goals for 2011...

Events Committee
2011 Goals:
  1. Full board participation,  coupled with member involvement and volunteer efforts, to facilitate and organize successful events including CycleMAYnia. 
  1. Use existing protocol and established relationships, combined with new contacts and media outreach, to create and/or sponsor a flexible, annual series of events that generates more members and a welcome feeling of optimism, enthusiasm, and solidarity among the entire SB County community and our friends. 
  1. All events must have clear deliverables that raise resources to support Coalition programs (cycling education, Bici Centro, etc.) increase public awareness of cycling, or advance advocacy and policies that support alternative transportation in the community.
2011 Objectives:
  • We are committing to a series of community meetings 4 times a year (starting with Chris Quint on 3/1) to generate excitement among potential members throughout the county.  It is also a means to provide a forum that stimulates conversation, growth, awareness, and action within our existing organization.  (These meetings may be replacing monthly membership meetings, and their purpose may also be outlined in goals for membership, advocacy, etc..)
  • We are available to participate at least 6 to 10 bike, education, or transportation-related events that will serve as a way to broaden our base and/or progress our mission; however, our annual event series is anchored by CycleMAYnia.
  • Use these events to create and strengthen a measurable increase in our network of advocates, donors, and volunteers.

2011 Goals:
  1. By the end of 2011, membership of the SB Bicycle Coalition will be 450 members.(baseline 305)
  1. By the end of 2011, member renewals will be at least 90%.
  1. By the end of 2011, membership participation in Coalition activities will increase 15%.
2011 Objectives:
  • By April 1, baseline member participation data will be defined and collected in the following arenas:

a) participation in committees

b) number of active volunteers

         c) participation as advocates for Coalition issues at public hearings
         d) financial donations
  • By April 1, two other bike coalition/advocacy organizations will be contacted to find successful strategies for membership recruitment, retention & participation.
  • By June 1, a round-table of local businesses (bike and non bike) will be hosted to identify interest and feedback on desirable business membership benefits and participation.
  • By September 1, a community outreach campaign for member recruitment, retention and participation will be launched.

Communications and Community Outreach
2011 Goals:
  1. Act as a support structure to reach active members and the public to advance and advertise regular events, as well as during advocacy actions that require community support.
  1. Structure a comprehensive member and supporter list that includes past involvement by individuals. (NOTE: This may actually be easier initially as a notification or an e-mail blast to members within certain communities that are known to have a history of supporting bicycle rights at functions.  See Ed.)
  1. Use the website and other outlets (Facebook, Twitter, media, etc.) to keep our members and the public informed about current events, in addition to status and progress updates regarding ongoing campaigns.
2011 Objectives:
  • Maintain regular and comprehensive communication with members and larger community about current bicycling issues
  • Continue Quick Release as a quarterly publication and support it with monthly e-mail updates.
  • Make member meetings and events approachable for new and prospective members and interesting and fun for existing ones.
  • Share our experiences and schedules with the global cycling/transportation community and welcome feedback.

2011 Goals:
  1. By the end of 2011, we will help secure $600.000 in funding for 2-4 bike related projects identified as priorities by community vetting.
  1. By the end of 2011, the newly elected SB City Council will demonstrate, by their public statements, an understanding of cycling as a legitimate and growing form of transportation in the county.
2011 Objectives:
  • By July 1, we will survey Coalition members throughout the county, as well as Latino community members in southern SB county, to identify top unmet needs for increasing the bicycling mode share.
  • By September 1, the Board will propose a list of priority projects, including those which do not require additional funds, to city and county partners for inclusion in project planning and in Measure A funding applications.
  • By October 15, we will conduct and publish interviews with SB City council candidates to ascertain where they stand on key bicycle issues. 
Bici Centro (1/2FTE)
2011 Goals (to be amended Monday Feb 21)
  1. Research and conduct a move to a more permanent, accessible and/or improved facility for the Shop location and headquarters for SBBC
  1. Improve volunteer representation at the shop and the participation of Board members in Bici activities
  1. Integrate mechanics classes into the shop operation and host 48 mechanics workshops, X average of 8 people =($5,760 estimated revenue)
  1. Standardize youth open shop and prepare for growth of that program.
  1. Increase conventional open shop to 4 days per week.
2011 Objectives:
  • By April 1, detail the requirements for the Bici shop including optimal location, physical space needs, storage areas, amenities (kitchen, bathrooms, conference area, etc), parking, outdoor areas for both shop and SBBC.
  • By June 1, contact a real estate agency to begin searching for appropriate Bici/SBBC sites in Santa Barbara
  • By June 1, host a retreat for the Bici Centro Shop group and solicit SBBIKE board participation at least 1-day a month
Education Committee
Goals 2011:
  1. Increase by 25% the number of people receiving Bike Education services.  (2010 baseline = 103)
  1. Increase by 75% the number of sites where Bike Education services are offered . (2010 baseline= 5)
  • By June 30, 2011, provide a pilot project at Santa Barbara High School incorporating both an Open Youth Shop for all students and an Earn-A-Cruiser series for Don’s Net Cafe Students.
  • By September 1, 2011, offer logistical and curricula support to six (6) employers countywide for on-site Lunch-n-Learn programs.
  • For Fall 2011, hold four (4) fully enrolled Pedal Power series at Santa Barbara  County junior high school campuses.
  • By  October 1, 2011, apply  for Measure A funding to increase the number of  participants in 2012 Bicycle Education programs that come from low income households by 25 % .  (baseline 2010= 42)
  • By December 31, 2011, with Safe Routes to School and faculty at south county elementary and/or junior high schools, develop a curriculum unit on Bicycling that meets California State Education standards (K-8).

Spanish Language Outreach Sub-Committee
Goals 2011:
  1. Increase awareness in the Latino community about Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and Bici Centro services: shop, education, advocacy
  1. Engage and increase participation and visibility of Latinos in community-wide bicycle-related activities
  1. Build capacity of Spanish Language Outreach from committee to program, focusing on recruiting Latino members

Objectives 2011:
  • Conduct a three-month pilot of weekly bike clinics in high need neighborhoods (Westside and Eastside) using tan Xtracycle as a mobile bike shop staffed by bilingual/bicultural mechanics.
  • Establish relationships with businesses, organization, and non-profit agencies in high need neighborhoods and market the bike clinics prior to running them using flyers, free radio ads and product giveaways
  • Collect data from community, targeting Latino community using a needs assessment survey that will be administered at the bike clinic locations.
  • Develop a strategic outreach plan based on an analysis of the data collected from the bike clinics and needs assessment surveys that will be shared with Bici Centro stakeholders
  • Increase membership in the Spanish Language Outreach committee by recruiting bike clinic staff as committee members and publicizing the committee to the Bicycle Coalition and BICI community
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 92047, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
located at 506 E. Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone: 805 845-8955

Bici Centro is located at 434 Olive Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: 805 617-3255

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