Does too much parking hurt cities?

February 14, 2013 10:16 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
After seeing this article both in the Atlantic and on the Better Cities and Towns listserve, I realized this new research is important- and should be a part of our decision making. Courtesy of the Better Cities and Towns

A study by University of Connecticut researchers compares three cities that have supressed parking with three that have provided plenty undefined with surprising consequences.

Norman Garrick and Chris McCahill, Better! Cities & Towns

Big roads and parking garages are so common in American cities that it's easy to forget these places once functioned exceptionally well without them. However, in their persistent battle to satisfy the demands of motorists, many urban areas are losing out.

In the early 1960s – when highway construction was at its peak and cars were just beginning to leave their mark – a handful of critics predicted there would be irreconcilable tensions between vibrant cities and their motorized inhabitants. Nearly 50 years later, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania published research validating this idea.

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