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  • April 23, 2015 1:13 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    The fun starts this weekend

    And it’s set to continue nonstop throughout the entire month. So get out your calendars and check out CycleMAYnia’s events during the sixth annual, month-long celebration of all things cycling.

    SBBIKE is proud to present a brand-new event this year—TLC for your Bici. Hosted by Bici Centro assistant shop manager, Lynneal Williams, TLC is a women’s only event. Two classes on May 3 (one in the morning from 9:30 to 11 a.m. and one in the afternoon from 3 to 4:30 p.m.) will teach women the basics of repairing and maintaining their bicycles. Registration is required, and the class is free. In addition, Williams will host an open shop for women from 11 to 2 p.m., offering assistance with personal bike projects.

    To read more about Williams and TLC, check out the spring Quick Release, page 9.

    Other fun events include Bike to School Day, an overnight tour to Ojai called Tour de Tent, a number of group rides, and so much more.

    This year, be on the lookout at events for SBBIKE’s advocacy team, who will help you Stand Up for Cycling. Get your photo taken and join the more than 400 folks who are sharing with City of Santa Barbara officials their support for bicycling and cycling infrastructure. Read more about why now is the time it’s so important to Stand Up for Cycling in Santa Barbara. And check out the Stand Up for Cycling photo stream to see who’s already joined.

    Always popular during the month is the bike challenge, where teams of four accrue points for logging their rides. Compete for rewards and acclaim while getting your commuting and exercise on—register and read about an exciting change to CycleMAYnia Bike Challenge 2015.

    Thank you, Traffic Solutions, for hosting CycleMAYnia. SBBIKE is proud to be a sponsor of this amazing series of events. Happy CycleMAYnia to all! Ride safely—be visible, be predictable, be sober. Be heard—check out this quarter’s Quick Release to learn about how you can tell your elected officials what cycling infrastructure you want. Have fun.

  • April 23, 2015 12:51 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    If you visited Bike World during last weekend’s Earth Day festival, you got to see the premier of SBBIKE’s fabulous new duds. The T-shirts, in royal blue and black, were designed exclusively for volunteers at Earth Day.

    But a few more folks will have the opportunity to own one of the au courant shirts. They’ll be available to anyone who signs up for an SBBIKE membership in the month of May! So if you or someone you know hasn’t joined yet, now’s the time. Join the SBBIKE community.

    The new T wasn’t the only thing that made Bike World at Earth Day 2015 rock. More bicycles than ever found parking spots during the festival, thanks to the volunteer valets in royal blue and back—demonstrating a growing trend toward cycling enthusiasm in the community. A protest project, Stand Up for Cycling, whose popularity is growing like wildfire, was launched. The brand-new advocacy trike, a “mobile ops” bicycle that will spread the word about the coalition’s missions and programs, turned heads during its debut. And everyone had a lot of fun.

  • April 23, 2015 12:13 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    Stand up too!

    You’ve seen the photos blowing up social media sites these past few days—you know, those great shots of smiling people holding up protest signs telling the worldhow important bicycling is to them.

    The photos are part of Stand Up for Cycling , a project designed by SBBIKE’s advocacy team. Its aim is to demonstrate the broad range of support for bicycling and cycling infrastructure that is present throughout the community of Santa Barbara.

    Sam Franklin, SBBIKE advocacy coordinator, explains that the municipalities throughout the South Coast are currently working on updating their Bike Master Plans (BMPs), which will determine cycling infrastructure changes over the next 15 years. “But although it might be hard to believe, in Santa Barbara there is this question among staff and council as to whether the community supports bicycling.”

    The project, he says, is a way to show that the community at large does want change—that it supports better cycling infrastructure that will make roads safer for all users and give more people the opportunity to make alternative transportation choices. Supporters aren’t just “the diehard advocates, the folks in spandex who ride 100 miles a weekend,” says Franklin. “In truth, it’s a much larger group—students, working people, mothers and fathers—who want these changes.”

    Just two days in, Stand Up for Cycling has already demonstrated that. During the project launch over last weekend’s Earth Day festival, nearly 500 people lined up to produce 407 photographs. In the photos, groups and individuals display signs with messages such as, “We need better bikeways,” “I love cycling,” “Close the gaps,” and “Bikes mean business,” or created their own messages.

    While Earth Day, Franklin points out, draws a crowd among whom many consider the bicycle a viable form of transportation, by no means was everyone who had his or her photo taken a diehard cyclist or a member of the bicycle coalition. “A lot of people who hadn’t even heard of us wanted to express themselves,” he says.

    Many who visited the project were also unaware that Santa Barbara City is currently wondering whether the community would support new cycling infrastructure and engaged in a process of determining that. Franklin was happy for the opportunity to inform people.

    Another aspect of Stand Up for Cycling he likes is its

    positivity. The project allows people a fun way to express themselves. Franklin believes activism, at least in its traditional confrontational form, is less popular than it used to be. “I don’t think people enjoy that. We offered people a way to share their message—to do the protest thing—without the confrontational element. We offered them a way to talk about what they feel needs changing without the ‘anti’ aspect.”

    This echoes the positive message of the bicycle coalition, adds Franklin. “We’re not a group of activists that wants everyone out of their cars. Our mission isn’t to tell people what they should do. People should choose for themselves how to travel. All we care about is that the people who choose to travel by bicycle have the infrastructure they need in place—that it’s safe and accessible. We’re not trying to change people’s behavior. We are just trying to make sure the facilities are there.”

    The Stand Up for Cycling project will continue throughout the month of May. All who want to join this protest—to stand up for cycling and tell the city what changes they want to see—will find photo shoot opportunities at a number of the month’s CycleMAYnia events. At the end of May, project coordinators will present a p

     hoto book to the city. This coincides with the city’s May and June deadline for determining the communities’ desires for cycling infrastructure.

    But the photo shoot isn’t the only way to be heard on this issue. You can look up the BMP. Highlight routes on the map. Like its Facebook page. Fill out the survey in English or in Spanish . Engage with the city in the public input process it’s currently conducting. To learn more about this process, check out the spring Quick Release, pages 6 and 7. See the Earth Day photos.

  • April 16, 2015 9:35 AM | Howard Booth (Administrator)

    SBBIKE member Alex Julian reports, "I (proudly) got my card in mail from Howard a few weeks ago, then laminated, & hung it from my lumbar pack zipper in a leather luggage ID  tag."

    New and renewing SBBIKE members---watch for your membership cards in the mail!

  • March 19, 2015 3:07 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    Get in on the ground floor of a collaborative community event


    A Thursday, April 9 gathering will formally launch Santa Barbara’s third annual Open Streets and welcome new partners and sponsors.  Want to support, be involved in, or learn more about this community event, which will transform two miles of Cabrillo Boulevard into the city’s largest public park for a day, hosting a projected 15,000 plus participants? Join Open Streets collaborators from 6–9 pm at Telegraph Brewing Company, 418 N. Salsipuedes. Tickets are $20, and the proceeds support Santa Barbara Open Streets. To attend, buy your tickets online for the Open Streets kickoff. (Search “Open Streets” at Night Out.)

    Santa Barbara’s Open Streets 2015, set for October 24, will feature stations along two miles of Cabrillo Blvd., where local businesses and service providers can build exposure and engage with the community, offering classes or a taste of their product or service. Last year, over a hundred activity providers offered dance, fitness, and yoga classes, as well as activities that inspired creative expression. “We expect even more this year,” says organizer Robin Elander of Global Good Impact.

    Think your organization might want to plan out a section of the street or help coordinate lead-up events? Open Streets and its organizing partners— the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE), the event’s fiscal sponsor; Traffic Solutions; and Global Good Impact—are excited to connect with you.

    And connection is what Open Streets is all about. “I absolutely love building community, and this is the most incredible outpouring of community I’ve come across,” says Elander. “People are coming together and sharing in community, in health, in everything that’s the best about Santa Barbara.” Elander’s looking forward not just to the event itself but to all the collaborative opportunities leading up to it, like next month’s kickoff gathering.

    “I love the relationships built through the event,” Elander adds. “It’s such a beautiful way to connect, and the connections continue to grow the event in its third year and spur other creative ideas among participating organizations.”

    SBBIKE executive director Ed France is excited as well. The bicycle coalition’s involvement has grown this year, as it takes over fiscal sponsorship from COAST. “Open Streets aspires to be, and is rapidly becoming, the premier health and wellness event in Santa Barbara,” says France. “It’s about bicycling and walking—active lifestyles—and active use of public space, which is critical to healthy communities.”

    To make your mark on this community event, consider becoming a sponsor or attending the gathering that will help us raise funds for the initiative. Join us at Telegraph Brewing Company on Thursday, April 9, or contact Elander directly at / 805-216-1223. Find out more about SB Open Streets here. 

  • March 19, 2015 3:02 PM | Sam Franklin (Administrator)

    2015 is an Olympic year for bicycle planning. Carpinteria, Goleta, the County, and even SBCAG are all at the heels of the City of Santa Barbara's bike plan launching this March. 

    At this Tuesday's meeting in Santa Maria, with over 25 attendees, North County residents showed their meddle to push for better bike and ped facilities- and where they are needed most. SBCAG, the Association of Goverments responsible for regional transportation, hosted it's own bicycle and Pedestrian public input meeting, which was overwhelmed by advocates hungry for positive change in Santa Maria, Guadalupe, Lompoc, and the Santa Ynez valley. 

    Here is the official word from SBCAG- with the first of many opportunities to advocate for better bikeways!

    Come share your thoughts about the future of the region’s bicycle and pedestrian environment!

    The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) is preparing a bicycle and pedestrian plan for the Santa Barbara County region. The Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a long-range planning document that will help shape the future of the region’s bicycle and pedestrian environment and identify the region’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure needs.

    SBCAG is conducting two public workshops to solicit input and feedback for the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. During the public workshops SBCAG staff will present an overview of the planning efforts, conduct roundtable discussions to learn the issues that matter the most to you, and hold question and answer sessions. Come to a workshop and help discuss the future of the region’s bicycle and pedestrian environment!

    The first meeting is held in Santa Maria on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. 

    (County Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room
    155 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria)
    The second meeting is held in Santa Barbara, Wednesday, March 25, 2015. 

    (Casa Nueva, SBCAG, Wisteria Conference Room 260 North San Antonio Road, Santa Barbara)

  • March 19, 2015 3:01 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    Protected Bike Lanes and Equity

    PeopleForBikes’ Green Lane Project has published a great booklet with ideas for implementing protected bike lanes in a way that advances equity. The booklet, Building Equity: Race, Ethnicity, Class and Protected Bike Lanes includes profiles of people of color who are pushing for protected bike lanes in their neighborhoods, as well as statistics and analysis helpful to anyone who wants to advocate for protected bike lanes in a way that strengthens and connects communities. The entire booklet is available for free from PeopleforBikes.

  • March 16, 2015 10:26 AM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    Donate to Open Streets here.


    The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE) has taken over fiscal sponsorship of Santa Barbara Open Streets as it returns in 2015 for its third year this fall. On October 24, two miles of Cabrillo Boulevard will once again become the city’s largest public park, hosting a projected 15,000 plus participants.


    Robin Elander of Global Good Impact, the initiative’s primary organizer since its inception three years ago, is excited about the new way of collaborating with SBBIKE. “It’s a great opportunity for growth for Open Streets because of the growth phase the coalition is in now,” she says. Access to SBBIKE’s meeting space and resources will be a boost for the initiative, and Elander looks forward to new possibilities. “Both organizations are growing together,” she says.

    Elander’s quick to point out that sponsorship and partnership of the initiative is a work in progress. And collaboration is clearly key, which makes sense, given that community and connection are basic elements of the event. Open Streets is looking for more collaborators. An open event at the end of this month will provide opportunity for other organizations to get involved in the planning stages, perhaps partnering with Open Streets to plan out a section of the street. Details of that planning party will be posted here soon.

    As the event’s fiscal sponsor and one of its partners, the coalition will be putting in a lot of effort, and SBBIKE executive director Ed France is excited about that too. “Open Streets aspires to be and is rapidly becoming the premier health and wellness event in Santa Barbara,” he says. “It’s about bicycling and walking—active lifestyles—and active use of public space, which is critical to healthy communities.”

    COAST, SBBIKE’s sister organization, which both France and Elander say did a terrific job getting Open Streets started, hosted SB’s initiative in 2013 and ’14. Though the organization has passed on the baton, it will still be involved. Says Elander, “COAST has been a really great presenting organization, and the fact they have gotten this off the ground is amazing.” In addition, Open Streets and SBBIKE will get ample support from Traffic Solutions and the Open Streets board Elander is creating, as well as a strong group of fitness organizations, to host the event’s third year.

    Want to be involved this year? Join us April 9th to kick off the Season and raise some $$ for open streets!

  • March 12, 2015 9:38 AM | Joey Juhasz-Lukomski (Administrator)

    Stand Up for Climate this year: come out and volunteer! There are numerous opportunities to help the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition - help us set up, wrench at Bici Centro, advocate for our cause, or help park over 1200 bikes with SBBIKE's free bike valet service. Sign up for one of these shifts now before they fill up:

    Earth Day - Set Up Friday April 17th 10am-4pm

    Earth Day (Saturday opening shift) April 18 10:15am-1:15pm

    Earth Day (Saturday afternoon shift) April 18 1pm-4:15pm

    Earth Day (Saturday close shift) April 18 4pm-7:15pm

    Earth Day (Sunday opening shift) 10:15am - 1:15pm

    Earth Day (Sunday afternoon shift) 1pm-4:15pm

    Earth Day (Sunday close shift) 4pm-7:15pm

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • March 04, 2015 5:18 PM | Christine Bourgeois (Administrator)

    Article written by Sigrid Wright is originally published in Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine (Spring 2015).

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