• December 13, 2012 11:00 AM | Christine Bourgeois (Administrator)
    For immediate release

    The Coalition for Sustainable TransportationMilpas Community Association, and the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition will hold a press conference on Monday, December 17 at 5pm on the intersection of Milpas and Ortega to discuss safety issues on Milpas and the Eastside this holiday season.  
  • November 29, 2012 10:13 AM | Ed France (Administrator)

    by Christine Bourgeois, Education Coordinator, Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

    As an avid cyclist who rides every day, I am always sad to hear that a car hit a fellow rider in our community.

    This tragedy and other recent collisions involving cyclists in Santa Barbara highlight the need for all road users to obey the rules of the road. When people bend the rules to their personal benefit, whether they are a motorist, bicyclist or pedestrian, it contributes to chaos on the streets and everyone is endangered. 

    John Forester, a promoter of vehicular cycling, reminds us that all "cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles". 

     When it comes to cycling safety we need to be more European, where all students learn basic lessons in road safety and usage.  Young children learn to be safe pedestrians, older students learn how to be respectful "drivers of a bicycle": These countries have generations of educated road users who walk, bike and drive safely and without conflict.

     In our community, the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBC) has been working toward the goal of offering universal access to bicycle education. This year, 140 junior-high school students learned to ride safely through the popular Earn-A-Bike program. This month, the Spanish Language Outreach Committee distributed 800 free lights to low-income cyclists who have to ride to work, school or shopping after dark. 

     For adults, the SBBC has been offering street skills classes every other month to practice bike handling skills and review legal rights and responsibilities. Pre-registration and details for these classes can be found online at:

    Is the goal of offering universal access to bicycle education feasible in Santa Barbara? I'll let every Santa Barbarian ponder my question.

  • November 29, 2012 8:51 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    Join members of the Bici Centro crew and the SB Bicycle Coalition as we cruise with this great program down Milpas for this Holiday Parade! The State Street Parade participation has been cancelled due to rain. Simply follow the directions listed for Milpas on the 15th!Join the Don Riders at the Holiday Parades
  • November 13, 2012 6:00 AM | Christine Bourgeois (Administrator)
    Last week, the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition finished 5 Pedal Power programs in 5 different schools.
    Participants learned bike mechanics, bike handling skills, signage and went on fun field trips with new friends. Students who didn't have a bike, graduated with the bike that they borrowed for 6 weeks and they rode home with a helmet, a lock and lights. Thank you to the community for making our youth biking programs such a HUGE success!

    Testimonials from Parents: "Thank you so much for the incredible Pedal Power program. My son just finished his last day of the program at La Colina: he was so sad it was over. Before Pedal Power he was apprehensive about bike riding and not entirely comfortable. He summed it up perfectly today, as he said, "before I liked my bike, but now I love biking!" He is a much safer and confident rider: thanks to the amazing teachers! They did an amazing job teaching, encouraging and inspiring the kids." Kathy Mintzer (La Colina Junior High)

    "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We are so grateful for the program. Serena has gained the confidence to ride, and more importantly, she enjoys riding. We can't wait for our younger daughter to participate next year!" (Goleta Valley Junior High)

    Please click on "photos" to see kids in action at 5 different schools.

    Santa Barbara Junior High: photos

    Goleta Valley Junior High: photos

    La Colina Junior Highphotos

    Fesler Junior High (Santa Maria): photos

    Carpinteria Junior High: photos

  • November 05, 2012 10:40 AM | Ed France (Administrator)

    It's time to be proactive in making the Eastside safe and convenient for cyclists and pedestrians alike. We applaud the work that COAST has been doing over the last few years with Eastside Walks. In the face of the City's new Eastside Planning effort, it's time to help look at connecting bicycle traffic through this major portion of our City. 

    The paint is not yet dry on the 3 blocks of new bike lanes on Milpas, but where should cyclists safely continue on after these lanes end at Cota? Or after a cyclist connects under 101 at Cacique, what are the safe routes across town thereafter? There is a major gap in the bike routes as they cross through the lower eastside. Can we come out of this planning process with an integrated network of bikeways in the lower eastside? Can we help make it safer for students and those who rely on bicycles daily for transportation?

    Come join us Tuesday, Nov 6th Election Day at Noon at the Eastside Library
    the SB Bike Monthly Meeting will discuss:

    • Proposed process and Timeline for the Eastside Transportation Planning Effort, with Jessica Grant
    • New Bikelane on Milpas discussion and potential connections.
    • Cacique undercrossing and potential for a bike boulevard
    • Open Discussion: What are the best cross-town routes for the lower eastside, Currently labeled as Quarantina & Cacique, and Alisos.
    • Open Discussion: What are the biggest needs for the Eastside bike, pedestrian, and motorist safety?
  • October 30, 2012 5:38 PM | Ed France (Administrator)
    Dear Edward, 

    Say Thanks to Lois CappsWill you take a moment to thank Representative Lois Capps for her efforts to make biking and walking safer? 

    Representative Capps of CA-23 has done a lot to champion safe, accessible biking and walking in Congress. Last month, Lois joined other Representatives and Senators to urge the US Department of Transportation to take common-sense steps to reduce preventable traffic deaths. 

    And earlier this year, she and Representative Hahn co-lead a letter to Senator Boxer asking her to protect biking and walking funds in the transportation bill.

    Ed France, executive director of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, published a letter to the editor in the Santa Barbara News Press thanking Rep. Capps for her work. Check out his October 22 letter below. 

    Let's say "thank you" to Lois for working to make biking safer. Click here to send your note. 
  • October 30, 2012 11:03 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    The Bicycling Altar, honoring fallen cyclists, is highlighted in this article from the Santa Maria Times.

    Special thanks to Feliciano Aguilar (Altar organizer & host), Santa Maria Times (picture), SM Parks and Rec (Event hosts) and Carmen Lozano, SB Bike board member, (Altar Bike artwork).
  • October 25, 2012 11:55 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    Every year right after Halloween it happens: We get caught in the dark. As we step out of work the sunny skies are long past the horizon. While this makes some of blue, for many cyclists, it makes us invisible.

    Bikes are to often considered only as recreation, and as a result are sold 'incomplete' without lights, let alone racks or secure locks. Could you imagine a car sold without lights, locks, or legally required safety gear? Worse, lights and other accessories are often stolen from bikes parked outside, further adding to the challenge of having lights on bikes.

    Instead of blaming cyclists, The Bicycle Coalition has long been working to educate and empower them. For many years SB Bike has been using the time change and the shortening days as an opportunity not just to give some lights away, but to steadily make fully equipped 'night riding safe' bikes the norm. This year we will be giving away over 800 lights, from Carpinteria to Old Town Goleta. Thanks to the help of the City of Santa Barbara and Measure A Bike Ped funding, SB Bike, led by our Spanish Language Outreach Committee- the same group that brought us 'El Taller Movil'- we will be distributing these lights, and surveying key user information- over five nights. And we need your help.

    Whether you live in Carp, the Eastside, Westside, Downtown SB or Old Town Goleta, there will be an event right by you. Giving the gift of light and the assurance of improved safety is one of the most uplifting volunteer experiences you might participate in this year. Sign up at
  • October 25, 2012 10:58 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    The Bike Coalition is proud to offer bike valet for the first time at the Earl Warren Showgrounds for the Halloween Bennie Benassi show. Thanks to DNA X Collective for asking us to join as they celebrate bike culture with fix gear riding Italian Electronic rock star Bennie Benassi.

    Want to win the bike? here is how it works:

    DNA x Fyxation x CLCTV Presents: Ride FTW from DNA IMAGERY on Vimeo.

    DNA x Collective Effort Events Presents
    Fyxation's "Ride For The Win" Challenge

    Did you know Benny Benassi loves riding bikes? In honor of Benny's passion we will be giving away Fyxation's newest, 2013 model fixie, which has not even hit the markets yet. This bike has a MSRP of $1000 dollars and comes with the finest Fyxation parts. 

    -------------------------- -------------------------- -
    How to win:
    ♦ Show up on a bike (any type of bike is allowed, mountain, bmx, fixie, crusier, downhill, road, etc) in between 6PM-6:30PM at Earl Warren Showgrounds on October 30th right before the start of the Benny Benassi show. 

    ♦ Bike Valet will be available, so park your bike & get a bike valet ticket.

    ♦ Show your bike valet ticket & Benny Benassi ticket to the organizers & they will give you a raffle ticket.

    ♦ The drawing will be at 7PM!
    -------------------------- -------------------------- -

    Qualifications to win:
    ♦ Must have proof of purchase or valid ticket to Benny Benassi Show.

    ♦ Must have a bike valet ticket.
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