• April 03, 2014 10:48 AM | Ed France (Administrator)

    We're excited to unveil the CycleMAYnia Commemorative T-shirt, marking the 5th annual CycleMAYnia! It is now available for pre-order.

    Designed by Daniel Girard at Traffic Solutions.

    If you would like one of these shirts, you can place your order online now through April 6th, 2014. This will guarantee that you get a shirt in the style and size of your choice.Order now.

    By pre-ordering you will get your CycleMAYnia T-shirt for only $10. You can pick-up your order at one of the many CycleMAYnia events in May, and pay upon pick-up. 

    For those folks who don't order online, we will have T-shirts in limited quantities and sizes available at many of the big events in May for an increased price of $12. Remember, ordering now guarantees you get a T-shirt - and it helps us order the right quantity too :) Place your order now.  


  • March 24, 2014 12:42 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    In an advance scouting operation for SBBIKE and COAST's upcoming training in Santa Barbara, Omari Fuller, one of SBBike's new advocacy staff members, attended the Winning Campaigns Training this weekend in Oakland. 

     Presented by national leaders in safe bicycle and pedestrian improvements, this training gives our staff greater capability to build public support and political will to win the Connecting Our Community campaign and make bicycling an easy, safe, everyday transportation option for all along Santa Barbara County's South Coast.

    We will also gain the expertise to hold a similar training for our members, volunteers and community partners this December, which will increase the number of local leaders who are ready to make a difference in our community through safe, comfortable, continuous, protected bikeways for all of us.  

    As an Oakland native and UCLA alumnus, Omari has built relationships with the bicycle coalitions in Oakland and Los Angeles.  This weekend’s training, hosted by Bike East Bay, therefore has great potential to further strengthen ties, information sharing, learning and collaboration between SBBike and other regional advocacy organizations.

  • March 14, 2014 3:34 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    More than 50 Goleta residents gathered at the SBBIKE advocacy meeting hosted by Deckers Corporate Headquarters Thursday night, to ask questions and raise issues about better and safer bikeways. City and County staff presented a range of new cycling infrastructure plans which are currently being considered and developed. The improvements which were discussed with the public will hopefully create better connections between new UCSB housing and West Goleta developments to the adjacent community through safe bikeways, raising the quality of life for UCSB students and Goleta residents.

    However the many comments from worried residents at the meeting, made clear that the current state of the bicycle network needs even further improvements: connections are often missing, whole neighborhoods are inaccessible by bike routes, making it unsafe to commute by bicycle. Another issue raised by a large number of residents at the meeting is the lack of safe bicycle and pedestrian connections crossing the 101 freeway, which as a result makes it virtually impossible for cyclists to travel from Northern Goleta into Southern Goleta, even though the actual distance is short..  

    “Goleta residents really came out last night in force”,  Ed France, executive director of SBBIKE, said “ It is clear that they want the quality of life of that safe, protected bike paths offer.  Routes like the ones you find connecting through Goleta Beach need to extend through to Elwood, through Old Town Goleta, and throughout the Goleta Valley. Residents simply want access to safe paths and their kids to be able to ride on bikes safely”

    After hearing the Goleta residents speak out, City and County officials presented their cycling projects. SBBIKE then introduced their recently launched Connecting Our Community campaign based on our vision that by working together with community stakeholders, one in every five trips within Santa Barbara’s South Coast will be made by bicycle by 2020. In the process, Santa Barbara will become the #1 bicycling region in the nation. By Connecting our Community with safe, connected bikeways, it will be possible for everyone from ages 8 to 80 to bike safely to and from anywhere along the county’s South Coast.

    About the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition:

    The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE), founded in 1991, is a countywide bicycling advocacy organization with projects that increase awareness, promote education, reduce accidents, and in general make it easier and more fun for us all to bicycle.

  • March 06, 2014 12:12 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    We are proud to Welcome our new Connecting our Community staff, Omari Fuller and Sam Franklin, who will be working with Robin Elander, our outreach and events consultant to facilitate our efforts as we fire up thisCampaign! 

    Omari first came to us through our Spanish Language Outreach Committee, and in addition to taking on roles with Bici Centro and youth Education has helped us launch the Connecting our Community effort, from website, mapping, and even helping come up with the name! Omari has a Masters from UCLA in Urban Planning and a deep passion for enhancing our quality of life through bicycling.

    Sam comes to us from Amsterdam where he served as a City Councilmember. He has a masters from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he studied, of all things, transportation policy and bicycling! He is a recent Santa Barbara transplant, and we are excited to put his graphic design, transportation, and policy skills to the test!

    Robin Elander and her consulting firm, Global Good Impact, is a powerhouse of large scale events and community engagement for the greater good. She brings a passion for bicycling, growing community, and engaging stakeholders for transformative results. She is also the coordinator for Open Streets and behind the scenes in many of Santa Barbara's important happenings.

    Sam and Omari will serve as coordinators for our growing group of engaged stakeholders and volunteers and Connecting our Community moves forward. Join us Friday for our Advocacy Mixer or drop us a line at!
  • March 06, 2014 8:06 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    Goleta had a problem on Cathedral Oaks just north of Goleta Valley Junior High, an unsafe intersection. Tragically, after planning had already begun to improve the intersection but before breaking ground, there was a fatal crash with a motorist failing to yield to a pedestrian, striking and killing a woman pushing a stroller.Photo courtesy of Carlos Soto
    Goleta staff had to make something happen, and to show their dedication to improving roadway safety for pedestrian and bicyclists- the vulnerable users of the roadway. Their challenge was to balance pedestrian improvements (bulb outs, median island, flashers), bicyclist safety and bike lane widths, and the reduction of vehicle speed, requiring more attentiveness, without infuriating motorists. This is a classically difficult balancing act for public works staff and the Goleta City Council.

    Naturally, SBBIKE and Goleta area cyclists wanted to support the project, but were concerned, When the curb extensions first went in, it looked like the bike lanes were sliced in half! Our alarm was addressed by responsive city staff who shared the striping plans and even met us for a site visit. Part of slowing vehicle speed was trimming the excess lane width for the travel lanes, after all, extra width beyond whats needed means extra speed! As a result the bike lanes returned to standard width. Nevertheless there was a concern we all shared that the constriction of the roadway- vital for reduced crossing distance for pedestrians- could put cyclists uncomfortably close to passing cars. Was there a solution to keep cyclists visible and safe along with pedestrians?

    In comes the innovative solution, already field tested in other communities: the green lane. What it does is bring attention to the bike lanes- with a focus of conflict areas such as right hand turn pockets. As photographer Carlos Soto, who shared this great 'golden hour' shot of the 'mixing lane', reflected "the green lane uses the roadway itself to communicate where cyclists should be and motorists can cross. I've ridden many lanes like this in San Luis Obispo. They are an elegant solution that works."

    This green lane is Santa Barbara Counties first. What do you think?

     This balancing act is a classic challenge of all interests on the roadway.
  • March 06, 2014 7:45 AM | Ed France (Administrator)

    65 Delegates Representing California in Congress at the Bike Summit Today!

    California’s delegation to the National Bike Summit -- the biggest one -- met with more than 65 Representatives and Senators at the National Bike Summit, more than any other state.  Included as part of that group is Christine Bourgeois from SBBIKE and Lauren Kernochan of SBMTV. Additionally, SBBIKE Executive Director was one of eight nominees for the Advocacy Advance National "Advocate of the Year" award. 

     Three bills in Congress were at the top our CalBike  request list: The Safe Streets Act would require streets to be built with all users in mind; the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act requires the U.S. DOT to actually measure pedestrian and bike safety; the New Opportunities for Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure Act sets aside a portion of funding for active transportation infrastructure loans. Follow the National Bike Summit on Twitter with the hashtag #nbs14

  • February 27, 2014 2:28 PM | Ed France (Administrator)
    Read all about it. Earn-A-Bike comes to Santa Maria via the pedal power program.
  • February 18, 2014 3:19 PM | Howard Booth (Administrator)

    Santa Barbara Pedicab Job Posting:

    Operations Manager

    This is a contract job opportunity to be the Operations Manager for Pacific Pedalers, LLC (Company) operating businesses in Santa Barbara, California. The company maintains a relaxed work environment with flexible scheduling, monthly stipend and generous profit sharing.

    Job Summary:

    The Company's Operations Manager is a dedicated and passionate leader who is organized, responsible, enjoys building a team, and can foster a culture where drivers ride safe and enjoy what they are doing.

    The Operations Manager is responsible to plan and direct day to day operations and improve productivity and efficiency of the businesses through the maintenance of an adequate crew of drivers ensuring a safe and functional stock of equipment. Through proactive positive engagement with the community, this position plays a leadership role in SB's bicycle for work industry. Through strong leadership, this position helps promote job creation while ensuring a sustainable transportation choice is available to the community.

    Key Duties and Responsibilities include:

    1. Hire, Train, Manage Drivers: Advertise and promote job openings, set up interviews and hire qualified trustworthy candidates. Train new drivers (may involve managing a contract with a contract trainer). Schedule for shifts and contracts. Motivate drivers, ensure safety, conduct driver meetings and address any issues that may arise. Maintain the Company driver blogor other site. Create and utilize communication tools to engage drivers and generally support a positive pedicab culture.
    2. Operations: Maintain Company equipment, tools, and all shop operations. Assist with advertising/sign installs.
    3. Reporting: Provide weekly written updates/reports to the Company regarding operations, drivers, client contacts, meeting minutes, etc.
    4. Community Development: Meet with neighbors, local businesses, concierge, hotels, and City officials. Promote Pedicab services and secure potential advertising contracts. Work with Company to develop relationships with all appropriate agencies/businesses/individuals.
    5. Maintenance: Inspect and keep equipment in working order by doing ongoing maintenance of bikes/pedicabs, maintaining an inventory of spare parts, and scheduling maintenance (may involve hiring and/or managing a shop mechanic or management of maintenance contract with a local business or organization).
    6. Pedicabbing: While this position is not a driver position, there will be opportunities to fill in for tours and events and/or work in a parallel role as a driver. Pedicab drivers get a great workout, and an opportunity to make great money.
    7. Operate a Safe Pedicab Environment for Contractors, Clients and Staff!

    Santa Barbara Pedicab

    Big Orange Bike

    Pacific Pedalers, LLC

    P.O. Box 23816
    Santa Barbara, CA 93121



    page1image25720 page1image25880

    Primary Requirements:

    18 years of age

    Reside in Santa Barbara area

    Capable of riding a bike for an 8-hour shift

    Knowledge of the Santa Barbara area

    Current California Drivers License (or ability to obtain one prior to beginning work)

    Bicycle Street Skills Certification (or ability to obtain one)

    • Skills, Qualifications, Personal Attributes:

      Strong work ethic, responsible, organized, trustworthy and professional

      Leadership, management, coaching and organizational skills

      Excellent oral, written, cross functional and interpersonal communications skills that are appropriate for various levels, including management, drivers, customers and businesses

      Able to work in unstructured environment and independently

      Strong problem solver and planner with organizational and analytical ability

      Mathematical skills: ability to perform some statistical calculations and understand basic arithmetic

      Commitment to customer service

      Computer skills including command of Microsoft Office Suite

    • Relevant Experience:

      Management, customer service, sales, marketing, advertising, contact management and bicycle maintenance experience are desirable.


      Base contract salary, bonuses, cell phone, and more

      How to Apply:

      If you are interested in becoming a part of our team please email your resume to

      Company & Project Overview:

      We have an existing pedicab operation for which we are eager to find a responsible and passionate General Manager of Operations. We are primarily an equipment-leasing company that leases pedicabs to qualified and trained drivers on a daily,weekly,and monthly basis. Pedicabs serve as a mode of pedal-powered transportation for residents, tourists, and late-night partygoers. Pedicabs also serve as a form of entertainment that allows customers an opportunity to learn fun facts about the Santa Barbara area during privately scheduled tours. In addition,we regularly book transportation for weddings, special events, tours and other local and commercial needs. Sponsorships and advertising contracts are a key component of the business.

      The Operations Manager oversees all of these business functions.

      We are nearing roll out of a secondary party-bike business. The multi-passenger bicycle will roll around the SB Funk zone and contract for special events and tours. With a Company contracted driver, 6-8 passengers will help pedal for this unique transportation experience. We are expecting this popular service to be a major component of our business operations starting in 2014.

      The Operations Manager will play a leadership role in the promotion and operational development of this business venture.

    page2image22080 page2image22240 page2image22400 page2image22560 page2image22720 page2image22880 page2image23040
  • February 06, 2014 11:54 AM | Christine Bourgeois (Administrator)

    Advice from our friends: CICLE (Cyclists Inciting Change thru LIVE Exchange)

    Bikes are great for commuting, exercise, errands… and love! Here are some tips for an endorphin-filled, two-wheeled (times 2!) date!


    1. First things first, make sure your bikes are set for a short adventure, full tires mean full hearts. Check the air pressure, brakes, cranks, chain and cassette ahead of time.
    2. Prepare and bring along your tool kit for those “just in case” situations. Don’t let the air out of the date with a flat tire and no solution!
    3. Unless your date includes riding aimlessly and getting lost in the sunset, plan out a route. A planned route will smooth out any confusion about turns and direction.
    4. Romantic lighting: If you’re riding at night, set the tone and don’t forget your lights! White in the front and red in the back to light up your path! The flashing will add an extra sparkle to your evening.


    1. Dress to impress! You can look great and still have functional riding clothes.  From casual to dressy, everything matches a bike. Ties and dresses go great with bikes! Check yourself for any loose clothing that could get caught in your chain before your zip off. And, keep in mind that when it comes to footwear, heals and flip-flops are much trickier than the alternatives when it comes to pedal power.
    2. Nourishment: Ride to a destination or pack a picnic! Bringing along some treats will be refreshing, energizing and rewarding. Avoid leaks with Tupperware and don’t forget the water to quench your date’s thirst.
    3. Take it slow: Let the slower person set the pace. Plan the route together or decide who will lead the way, so you know where to go.
    4. Locks of Love: Don’t forget to bring a lock (and cable) if you plan on leaving your bikes somewhere. Someone can steal your heart, but not your bike!

    The ADVANTAGES of taking your date out on a bike:

    1. Parking will be a breeze: No need to circle the block or pay a valet or parking meter.
    2. A bike date is free!
    3. If you don’t usually ride, explore this new challenge together.
    4. The bikes contribute to the journey as well as the destination!

  • January 31, 2014 9:23 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    From our Friends at the League of American Bicyclists
    January 29, 2014


    by Carolyn Szczepanski

    Last year, the League released a report undefined "The New Majority: Pedaling Toward Equity" undefined that highlighted the prevailing disparities in safe biking and walking in low-income and communities of color nationwide.

    Now, an innovative, bi-partisan bill in Congress, introduced by Representative Albio Sires(D-NJ) (pictured), would take steps to advance equity for bicyclists and pedestrians, and boost funding for bike/ped projects low-income communities.

    The New Opportunities for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Financing Act of 2014 (NOBPIFA) will allow communities to take advantage of low-cost financing for projects that make streets and sidewalks safer for all users through a new federal credit assistance program that would direct millions specifically for low-income communities.

    Take action now: Click here to tell your lawmaker to support this important bill!

    The bill, H.R. 3978, is co-sponsored by:

    • Andre Carson (D-IN)
    • Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)
    • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)

    "President Obama called on Congress to help rebuild our middle class, and this bill would do just that,” said Congressman Sires. “When we make our roads and sidewalks safer, we help connect workers to new jobs.  We create communities where families want to live and businesses want to invest. And we give mothers and fathers peace of mind, knowing they aren’t sending their children to school on the unsafe sidewalks and roadways that exist in so many of our rural and urban communities.”

    "This bill checks all the boxes in helping to create a bicycle-friendly America for everyone," said League President, Andy Clarke. "Without adding any new spending, this bi-partisan bill creates an incentive for local governments to target smart transportation investment in areas that need it most, where transportation costs are typically 30% or more of household budgets, and where good transportation options are limited. Bicycling and walking are healthy, practical, and efficient modes of travel that we should be encouraging -- and that means making them safer and more realistic choices."

    "Rep. Sires' initiative does just that; enables communities to turn back the clock on decades of under-investment in the most basic of transportation solutions," Clarke added. "At the same time, the bill promotes the kind of quality-of-life improvements that will attract world-class investment and world-class jobs to American cities."

    So what does the bill do?

    • It creates a low-interest long-term loan program for communities to build biking and walking networks. 
    • 25% of the funding must be spent in low income communities
    • The funding, $11 million, is a set aside from the $1 billion dollar TIFIA loan program funded in MAP-21.

    Provides common sense transportation solutions

    • The bill offers a new tool for Mayors and local governments to finance needed transportation infrastructure. According to Sires: "This novel approach will add another tool in the toolbox for mayors, governors, and private investors to reinvigorate their communities and develop a strong, vibrant middle class.”
    • The bill doesn’t add any new costs to the transportation bill, or to the federal budget.

    Builds better integrated bicycling and multimodal networks that reduce transportation costs and close gaps in job access for low-income families and individuals.

    • Nationally the average family with an income less than $50,000 spends 30% on transportation
    • Residents earning less than $30,000 per year account for 28% of bike trips in 2009- more than 1.1 billion bike trips overall.

    Helps commuters

    • Americans are driving less, and want to bike and walk more. Creating safe infrastructure gives commuters cheap and safe options.
    • Between 2000-2012, bike commuting rose 61% nationwide, and rose by 80% in bicycle friendly communities. Where infrastructure is safe and accessible, people bike more.

    Meets the need for safety and infrastructure

    • There are still disparities in access to safe infrastructure for low-income communities and people of color across the country.
    • Bicycling and walking make up 12% of all trips, but over 16% of all fatalities
    • The fatality rate for Hispanic bicyclists is 23% higher than for white bicyclists and 30% higher for African American bicyclists than for white bicyclists.
    • 71% of people of color agree that safer bicycling would make their community better.

    "Equity is something that needs to be addressed at multiple scales - on the ground in local bike movements and in decision making that will impact our future landscapes," said Adonia Lugo, League Equity Initiative Manager. "This bill makes it clear that bicycle improvements belong to all American communities, and that's something we need to emphasize more than ever."

    The nuts and bolts:

    This legislation is modeled after the existing Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA), which encourages innovative public-private partnerships by providing low-cost credit assistance to large transportation infrastructure projects. TIFIA’s proven record has shown that each dollar of Federal funds can provide up to $10 in credit assistance - and leverage $30 in transportation infrastructure investment. NOBPIFA would authorize a two-year, $11 million pilot program, funded as a set aside using existing TIFIA funds, and requires a report to Congress on implementation after two years.

    Currently, TIFIA’s significant $50 million minimum project cost requirement puts the program out of reach for smaller, stand-alone bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects. The set aside created under this program would lower the minimum project cost to $2 million, and provides greater flexibility for eligible projects. Projects eligible for NOBPIFA assistance include:

    1. The construction, planning, and design of on-road and off-road pathways for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized forms of transportation to create a comprehensive and connected transportation system, including sidewalks, bicycling infrastructure and parking, pedestrian and bicycle signals, traffic calming techniques, lighting and other safety-related infrastructure, and transportation projects to achieve compliance with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990;
    2. Innovative infrastructure for bicycling and walking, such as designs included in the National Association of City Transportation Officials guide for urban street design to enhance the ability of communities to develop solutions to increase non-motorized travel;
    3. A project for the conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridors for trails for pedestrians, bicyclists, or other nonmotorized transportation users that connects to or expands an existing network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities;
    4. bike share program as a standalone project, or in conjunction with other infrastructure projects.

    The Department of Transportation will select NOBPIFA loan recipients on a rolling basis in the same manner that current TIFIA projects are selected. A minimum of 25% of each project must be dedicated to low income or underserved communities.

    Stay tuned for more information and join us at the National Bike Summit to make your voice heard for bike equity!

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